Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We take great care and pride in everything we make. However things can go wrong. If you ever have any reason for disatisfaction with one of our products or with our customer service, nine times out of ten if you let us know we will solve it. We're here to make you happy and we'll do our very best to make amends. For that one time out of ten, when we've exhausted all other options, this page is here to describe our terms and conditions of sale.


Product Photos vs. the actual appearance:

The photos presented in our catalog are posed to show off our range of Uilleann Pipes, bags and bellows. It should be noted that the actual products may look slightly different to these photos. For example, brass finishes may not appear exactly the same colour as in the product photos (which is important if you are trying to match a bellows to your existing chanter). Leatherwork may not look quite as black, fluffy (in the case of bags) or blemish / wrinkle free (in the case of bellows leather). Woods and wood finishes may appear slightly different in colour and grain character to the models you will see in the catalog. However, most of these variances will be merely due to the difference between the real world and a lit digital photographic studio with post production. If we ever need to substitute materials or parts in our products we will either inform you in the product page or put up a new photo of the modified product.

Handmade and Natural Products have built in imperfections!:

If you look closely at our bellows you can expect to find the occassional small blemish in the wood, leather, material or brass. For example, brasswork on our bellows can have minor dings and dents. Bellows leather can have scuffs, marks, small rings and dots. Material strips on bellows can have little bits of glue coming through. Bellows paddles can have minor dents or signs of sanding and gluing under the lip. You may be able to see part of a staple under a material or brass strip surrounding a bellows paddle. Bags can have bits of extra glue around the stitch line or on the body that we have to leave in place for airtightness, or kinks in the seam that appear when they're first inflated. Shoes can have minor imperfections in stitching or differences in the look of the leather. These minor imperfections do not interfere with product functionality or its overall visual appeal. We make our products with natural materials and man made tools such as glues, hammers and sharp tools. Even if the starting material is pristine, the brush, hammer or blade can slip every now and again in the hundreds of manual operations involved in putting your bag or bellows together. If you notice any minor natural or man made blemishes in your product, we would encourage you to think of them as something unique to your bag or bellows and a sign of hand made work. Having said this, for peace of mind you have recourse to our Returns Policy (see below).

Order -> Dispatch interval:

Only products that are within a days work of finishing are shown as 'In stock' on this website. Once we recieve your order we do final assembly of any remaining parts and fittings. We then test and visually inspect the product. Usually these final tasks mean that your items will be finished within a few days of your order and dispatched within a week or less of ordering (although it will often be faster). However, sometimes (e.g. if the item we're working on fails a test) we have to start again from scratch. This means that occasionally it may take longer than a week to dispatch you order. In this case we will email you to keep you informed.

Cancelling orders before shipping:

If you change your mind about an order, and we haven't dispatched it yet, you can simply cancel your order by sending us an email at info@kellehertrad.com. In this case we'll help you change your order or refund your money. NB: This cancellation policy does not apply to bespoke work such as custom bag shapes or hybrid bellows requests.

If the item has already been dispatched by the time you try to cancel it then we would direct you to our 'No Quibble Returns within 30 days' policy (see below).

Damaged in Shipping:

We insure all our packages against loss or damage during shipping. If your package arrives and appears to have suffered from crushing, puncture or serious deformation we would ask that you refuse to sign for it and give it back to the courier. You should state the reason for not accepting it is "damage during shipping". However, if you do accept the package and later find out that it was damaged during shipping (often the evidence will be visible somewhere on the box), we ask that you contact us immediatly. You should not use the product and should retain the package for evidence. We will be able to advise you on the next steps once we're informed.

Returns Policy:

No Quibble Undamaged Product Returns within 30 days: If you are unhappy with your purchase for any reason and you wish to return it, we will take back products in their original condition within 30 days of your receipt of them and give you a replacement or if none is available, a refund. NB: This does not apply to custom products (e.g. you cannot return a custom bag shape or custom bellows) or if the product has been worn, altered or damaged for any reason whilst in your care (e.g. you cannot return a bag after you have fitted stocks to it or if you have tried to season it with something. As a disincentive to frivolous returns, you must pay the shipping costs of returning the product to us (Any product returned to us will not be sold 'as new' again so we're taking the bigger hit). Once we receive and confirm that the returned product is not damaged we will issue you with a credit note for the full amount minus the original shipping fees.

Returns due to a failure caused by a product fault (up to 100 days): In the case of bags and bellows, if your product fails in its basic function within 100 days of receipt due to a suspected manufacturing fault then you should immediatly inform us through any of the contact methods at the bottom of this section. You are required to assist us in diagnosing the failure before shipping it to us. After diagnosis we may choose to send you a part that we expect will fix the problem (you are required to work with us to verify this), or we may ask you to ship the whole product back to us. You must pay the up front return shipping cost and insurance. You must also secure our written agreement by email on the cost of the shipping method you use. On receipt of the returned product, we will inspect it. If the manufacturing fault is confirmed we will refund you your return shipping costs (only if they have been agreed with us in advance, see above). Then we will either repair or replace your product at our expense and reship it to you at our expense. If a replacement is not available we will refund you. Our total responsibility is limited to the cost of the product and its shipping cost - we are not liable for any consequential losses from using the product whatsoever. However, if we can not find a manufacturing fault, or if we find a fault that was likely due to accident or misuse while the product was in your care, we reserve the right to charge you a repair and/or administration fee for our time and services based on a reasonable fee per hour of work on the issue. Records of this work will be taken and will be made available to you.

Before sending a physical Return: You must alert us of your intention to return a product and await our confirmation of readiness to receive it before you ship your return. Use any of the contact methods listed at the bottom of this page (email is preferred). We will ask you to please pack the item securely, using the original packing if possible. We recommend that you insure the package against loss or damage as it is your responsibility until we sign for it.

Final Note:

Please be assured that the above policies outline the very least you can expect from us. They will only apply in rare cases when all other efforts to mutually resolve issues have been exhausted.

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