Small Standard Shape - Hand Stitched - Black Leather

Small Standard Shape - Hand Stitched - Black Leather

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The 'Small Standard' bag is based on the popular 'Standard' shape, but shortened at the neck, bottom and back by a couple of centimetres.

The Small Standard is suitable for three types of Uilleann pipers:

  • expert adult players with full sets who no longer need that 'get out of jail' extra volume of a bigger bag.
  • players of dedicated practice sets who will not be adding drones or regs in the future.
  • children and those with shoulder strain because it's much smaller under the arm than the Standard shape.

Otherwise it's made to the same high standard; double stitched and double tested before we send it out to you.

Note: This bag comes without stocks.

Maximum Length x Width: 690mm (27.2 in) x width 245mm (9.6 in). Can be a few millimeters shorter due to the effect of tight stitching
Neck opening: Suits a chanter stock of max 27mm (1.06 in) diameter (though this increases if you shorten the neck).
Bag Leather: Black, 1.4mm (3.5 ounce) average thickness.
NB: We only use the centre of our leather hides to guarantee the least porosity and best consistency. All of our bag leather is tannery sealed and needs no additional seasoning.