Smallpipes Bellows - 3/4 Size - Fabric Trim

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Max Product Dimensions: 248mm long and 134mm wide (includes paddle sides overhang and hinge).
Inner Paddle Dimensions: 237mm long and 126mm wide.
Paddle Wood: Solid 14mm Ash, Red colour.
Gusset: Double layer chrome tanned black leather.
Outlet: Solid brass with screw-out fitting (for easier packing away and transport). Fitting's inner diameter 12.5mm, outer diameter 16mm.
Hinge leather: Black vegetable tanned leather (1.6mm thick, burnished sides) with six antique brass coloured decorative eyelets.
Belt Holders: Brass.
Valve / Inlet: Black PVC (internal diameter 20mm) with six side holes (to prevent sleeves blocking airflow). Marked with a guide to show when valve is vertical. Leather flap valve inside.
Belts: French leather (black) with brass buckles. Body belt 25mm, Arm belt 20mm.
Elbow Pillow: Hand stitched leather over 20mm closed cell air foam.
Waist Pillow: Machine stitched leather over 8mm closed cell air foam.
Gusset Trim: Decorative Fabric Trim
NB: All of our leather is sourced through Certified Italian tanneries and made in accordance with European environmental directives.