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Uilleann Bag repair kit (including leak revealer / sealer and waxed thread / needles)

Uilleann Bag repair kit (including leak revealer / sealer and waxed thread / needles)

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Each kit contains two mini bottles, enough to repair two bags.

Ideally piping bags would last a lifetime. However, over years of playing, inflation, deflation and internal friction, bags can lose some of their air-tightness. This repair kit can help you restore our bags to as good as new. It's only tested for compatibility with Kelleher Traditional bags.

The white liquid is a leather safe leak revealer and sealer. You first mix it half and half with water and then pour it into your corked up bag (it's about 10mls of liquid in all, surprising little, without any smells). You rub it into all the internal surfaces and seams of the bag and then cork up your tightly inflated bag. Apply pressure and the white liquid will come out through any leaky holes, plainly revealing them.

This is where the waxed thread and needles come in. Using a needle nosed pliers (not supplied) you stitch through any leaky holes to plug them up. Once no more leak revealer comes out anywhere when you apply pressure, you can hang up the tightly inflated bag and the next day your bag will be back to full airtightness. You may need to top up the inflation a few times if your stocks aren't corked up perfectly.


  • A Kelleher Traditional bag.
  • A needle nosed pliers.
  • A way to plug up all the stocks of your bag.
  • A small plastic container to mix up the white liquid with water before it's poured into the bag.

Important notes about leak finding and treatment:

  • using soapy water to look for leaks, especially on the furry part of the bag, damages the leather, leaving it much less airtight. We strongly recommend this is not done.
  • We also don't recommend using wax, wax mixtures or any sort of "gunk" alone to try to seal leaky holes in a stitched bag from the inside. These don't tend to last.
  • We also advise against using anything (like silicone or glue) to try to seal a bags stitch line from the outside. We have never seen this work.
  • The absolute best way to plug holes in a stitch line in any bag is to stitch in more waxed thread.